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Reviews and Testimonials

My experience with Laura was great. She is an excellent professional and a kind and warm person. She made me feel very comfortable and she was patient and creative. I would use her services again anytime! -  writer, Monica Belizan

Laura was brilliant in making me feel comfortable as it was my first experience with headshots. Great fun and great shots as a result! - actor, Hugh Byrne

If you want a headshot that captures your personality AND is up to date on industry standards, then Laura is the person to go to. In 1.5 hours she had captured me in several ways, and within a few hours of our meeting, she sent me all the photos to review. You won't regret your decision to go with her for your headshots. -  actress, Sarah Lisbeth Cornell

Laura was perfect! Fun, easy to work with, great photographer and knowledgable! Definitely recommend! - actor, Matthew DeHoff

Laura was amazing! She took the time to get every shot just right. While other photographers might keep shooting and rush a bit, Laura slowed everything down until the shot was perfect; lighting, position, vibe etc. I felt in excellent hands with Laura. I really relaxed, which is key in regard to getting good shots that look like me. She made me feel that her goal was to make me comfortable in order to get the best shots possible! She is a sweetheart. She's been great at doing light retouching. Nothing drastic. My agents are thrilled, and so am I. I will definitely go back to Laura!

- actress, Lizabeth Allen

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